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When I decided to upgrade my house, I realized that it might be wise to invest in high-end windows. In my first home, I bought cheap windows, which created drafts and made it hard to clean. Fortunately, by the time I became a second-time homeowner, I knew what to look for. I looked for windows with ultra violet light protection, tilt and swing cleaning features, and a hydrophobic coating that would repel water. You wouldn't believe the difference it made. Check out this website to learn more about windows and the features that can simplify your life each and every day.

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4 Ways You Can Use The Space Created By A Bay Window

If you are looking to add new windows and a little extra space to a room in your home, a bay window can be a great solution. You can use the extra space created by a bay window configuration in several ways. Here are just a few ways you can use the space:

#1: Dining Nook

You can use a bay window to define a dining nook, using the space created by the bay window as part of the seating area. A bay window will allow you to make the most of a small space, by providing half the seating necessary for a little dining area, where you can enjoy the sunshine and the view while you eat your breakfast.

#2: Kitchen Garden

A bay window not only adds light to your kitchen, it can add a place to have an indoor garden as well. A bay window in your kitchen will give you lots of space where you can grow herbs and other plants in small pots that will sit on the ledge of your new bay window. They will get lots of natural sunlight, and by opening the side windows on the new bay window, they will have lots of fresh air circulating around them as well.

#3: Extra Storage & Seating

A bay window can also provide you with extra storage and seating. You can add a seat to the space where the bay window protrudes outward from your home. You can have a custom cushion made for the bay window that will make the space more comfortable and cozy for reading a book or magazine.

Under the seat, you will have some extra storage space. You can keep the storage space open, or you can have drawers or cabinets put in. Either way, you'll get extra sitting space and extra storage space by adding a bay window to any room in your home.

#4: Special Space for Your Pet

Finally, you can use the space for your pet. For example, if you have a cat that loves to look out the window, you can turn the bay window seating area into a pet space, putting your cat's bed and toys right under the window. This will allow your cat their own little space in your home where they can enjoy all the great views of the outside world.

A bay window configuration with Andersen replacement windows can provide you with extra space that you can use in a variety of different ways, and can be installed in your kitchen, dining room, living room, or bedroom. Talk to a contractor about the process of installing a bay window in your home.