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3 Ways To Improve Your Home Security When Getting New Windows Installed

Having new windows installed in your home may be needed for a number of reasons, ranging from being unhappy with how much heat or cool air your current windows allow in, to security being a concern. If you've decided to get new windows installed in your home and want them to be as safe as possible for you and your family, there are a number of different features you can look for specifically to improve safety. Before making a purchase, consider the following tips to ensure that security is a priority with your new windows.

Consider Getting Alarms Installed

One way to make your home more secure is to have alarms installed on the windows. What these will do is trigger a loud alarm if the windows are opened or closed when the alarms are on. This can be a great feature for when you have windows that you typically keep closed. You may also enjoy turning on the alarms when they are away from home, since the alarms can trigger a security company or notify you by phone.

Stick with Break-Proof Glass

The materials of new windows can vary considerably, making it important for you to look for windows that can't be broken as easily. Since older widows can often shatter into several pieces and cause concerns for safety, you can look for break-proof glass that breaks in a single sheet that still doesn't allow entry. This can be a great alternative for when you're concerned about your windows being broken into.

Another benefit that comes with break proof glass is that it's often thicker and helps with noise cancellation and making your home more energy efficient during the warmer and cooler months of the year.

Look Into Tinting for Burglary Prevention

One of the best ways to prevent a burglary for your windows is to get tinting applied. When someone is able to peer through the windows and see all of your items, it can increase the chance of the windows being broken into considerably. By having tinting done, you can make sure that any curious would-be burglars won't be able to see what's inside your home. Having tinting done at the same time as having the windows installed can make this a painless experience that can be done in a single day for your convenience.

If you're feeling unsure of what to look for when you get new windows installed, it's a good idea to ask a professional, such as from Bi-State Window & Door Inc, about what they recommend for security and what can make the biggest difference for your home.