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Having Trouble Sleeping After Your Night Shift? Here's How To Pick Blackout Roller Shades To Keep Your Bedroom Comfortably Dark

When you're working the night shift, you need to sleep comfortably during the day in order to be well-rested for your next shift. Unfortunately, the bright light of the daytime sun makes it difficulty for your body to fall and stay asleep. To combat this, you need to install a window treatment that entirely blocks the light of the sun so that your room is comfortably dark, even during the middle of the day.

Some people who work the night shift opt for hanging thick blankets over their windows or taping aluminum foil over them. These improvised window treatments may manage to block out light, but they're rather ugly. Thankfully, it's possible to sleep comfortably during the day while improving the appearance of your room by using blackout roller shades. Here's how to pick the right blackout roller shades so you can rest well during the day.

If Possible, Choose Exterior Roller Shades for Maximum Light Blocking

Roller shades roll down from a shutter box that's installed over your window frame. You have the option of installing the shutter box on the inside of your house or on the outside.

Exterior blackout roller shades do a better job of completely blocking light that enters into your bedroom than interior roller shades. When you install the shutter box on the inside of your bedroom, a small amount of light may come through the edges of the roller shades. When the shades completely cover the outside of the window pane in an exterior shutter box installation, you're blocking the maximum amount of light possible.

For Interior Shades, Install Side Rails or Make Sure the Shades Are Behind the Roller Box

You may not be able to install the shutter box on the outside of your bedroom. Perhaps you are renting an apartment, and not allowed to modify the outside of the building, or you don't have the tools necessary to drill through your exterior wall.

You can improve the performance of interior blackout roller shades in two ways. The first is to select a model that has the shade behind the shutter box. It will hug closer to your window and limit the amount of light that leaks through the edges. The other way to prevent light from leaking through the edges of the shade is to install a blackout roller shade that comes with side rails. These are easily installed on the edges of your window frame between the shade and the window pane, and they prevent any light from entering through the shade.

Pick a Blackout Roller Shade With a Reflective Exterior Surface for More Backing Color Options

It's best to select a blackout roller shade that has a reflective coating on the outside. These coatings are made of a silvery material that reflects light back at its source, preventing light from entering your bedroom. With a reflective coating on the exterior side of the shade, you're free to choose any color you want for the backing — you're not limited to a plain black backing like you might expect with blackout shades. This allows you to coordinate the colors of your blackout shade with your bedroom, improving its appearance compared to using thick blankets or blackout curtains.

With the right blackout roller shades, you'll have zero light entering your bedroom during the day while improving the appearance of your windows. As an added bonus, roller shades are very inexpensive compared to other window treatment options such as drapes or shutters. If you work the night shift and want to sleep better in the daytime, find a company that sells reflective blackout roller shades and pick the color that best fits the decor of your room. A company like Sylvan's & Phillip's can help with other questions you may have.