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4 Reliable Temporary Broken Window Repair Hacks

It takes a minor mistake or harsh weather conditions to have a broken window. A perfect fix needs a professional touch. However, you can fix the small cracks and holes in your window panes. Kindly have the right tools and time to clear the mess and start your broken window repair.

Here are four temporary window repair hacks to help you buy time for your best solution.

Nail polish and glue application

The first hack that will help you fix your damaged window is using nail polish or glue. It is the best solution for small cracks on your windowpane. Fill these small cracks and holes to avoid increased damage. The precautionary measure can save you the potential cost of replacing the whole window pane.

Use a toothbrush to remove small broken pieces from the crack or hole. Follow up this dusting act by painting the glue or nail polish over affected areas. Remove the excess substance and leave it to try. Repeat this process until the damage is sorted.

Duct tape remedy

The use of duct tape is an efficient broken glass window repair solution. Your windows are likely to get larger cracks or holes when the weather conditions are harsh or when you close them with excess energy. Larger holes in your window require professional replacement. However, time and budget might not allow you to buy replacements.

You cut two pieces of duct tape that can cover affected areas. Stick one of them in the inner side of your window while the other one covers the outer section. You are free to add more tapes, but you should be sensitive to the tape color. The masking tape should be longer than the crack or large enough to cover the hole.

Thick plastic technique

There are instances where the hole is large, but you are not ready to contract someone to help you fix the breakage. You can cut a piece of plastic that resembles the shape of your windowpane.

Use duct tape to hold the plastic in place. This move will prevent insects and birds from entering your premises. Your take will protect you from cold air, rain, snow, and mist.

Mesh patch remedy

The mesh patch targets larger holes and cracks. This method needs a piece of fabric that supports the mesh. Have some glue to hold the mesh. The fabric helps prevent the entry of smaller animals, while the mesh deals with big animals, birds, and large objects thrown at your window.